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This is your opportunity to introduce yourself, your team, and the product you created. Your maker comment will appear right below your product gallery. It's highly visible. The most important indicator of your success is the number of comments your product gets.

First Comments Background
Best Practice

πŸ’¬ Immediately post comment

You, the maker, should be the first to comment on your post. Make it interesting and engaging to open up a thoughtful discussion.

πŸ™ Thank your hunter

In case your product got posted by a hunter, show him/her some appreciation for taking the time.

πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ Provide some background

Briefly introduce yourself, the team, and the problem that you’re solving. In a total of 3–4 sentences, explain what the value prop is, who it's for, and why you are building it.

😊 Engage with community

End your comment with an interesting question that could start a thoughtful discussion. Be helpful and humbleβ€”and less promotional. Answer every comment.

2️⃣ Launching an update?

If this is the second time you’re launching on PH (i.e. a big product update or huge feature announcement), explain what’s changed.

🏷️ Highlight your discount

Think about creating a special discount for the PH community and make sure to mention it clearly at the end of your comment.

51 Examples
πŸ” Update
πŸ“– Background Story
🏷 Discount
πŸ’‘ Problem Solution
πŸ’„ Rebrand
πŸ§ͺ Beta
πŸ‘‹ Using Emojis
πŸ‘₯ Building audience
⏬ Short
HOLD X 2.0
HOLD X 2.0 Productivity for humans, not superhumans
#4 Product of the day 362 ⬆️
πŸ” Update
System2 Video-powered 1-on-1 fitness coaching by elite trainers πŸ’ͺ
#4 Product of the day 662 ⬆️
πŸ“– Background Story 🏷 Discount
Finley Put your debt capital management on autopilot
171 ⬆️
πŸ’‘ Problem Solution
Rows beta
Rows beta The spreadsheet where teams work faster
#3 Product of the day 804 ⬆️
πŸ’„ Rebrand πŸ§ͺ Beta
Papercups 2.0
SEO Operating System
Cash Coach
Lunch Money 2.0
Insight Browser

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