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The thumbnail is your product profile picture and is the first thing visitors will see on PH. It's used to describe the product with a single visual element. You can use a static image or a GIF. Choose the one which will communicate your value prop the best.

Thumbnails Background
Best Practice

🔥 Attention Grabbing

Can be your business logo or animated GIF.

↔️ Optimal Size

Use 600x600px or bigger and keep file size under 2 MB to ensure optimized image quality.

📸 No flashing GIFs

Don't make GIFs too distracting, you don't want to cause someones epilepsy.

💎 Product Value GIF

Showcase your product's value i.e if your product boosts website speed show a fast motion animation.

✨ Product Highlight GIF

Highlight your product in action i.e if you remove image background show a before–after comparison.

🌐 Product Purpose GIF

Emphesize your products purpose through GIF i.e if you are nomad membership site show a spinning earth animation.

161 Examples
🎨 Pastel
🌈 Gradient
🔠 Text
🌟 Product Highlight
💎 Product Value
😊 Cute
🔁 Update
🍎 Logo
🗿 3D
👋 Using Emojis
🌐 Product Purpose
⭕ Round
🖋 Drawing
📰 Serif Font
😜 Playful
🟣 Colorful

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