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There is no better way to grab the audience’s attention than an informative and engaging video. Videos have both visual and textual content, so it's on of the best possible way for outreach. Your video should be pitch-perfect.

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Best Practice

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Appears first

If you decide to add a video, it will be the first element shown in the gallery. Therefore, make sure to put extra effort into making it.

πŸ”‡ Engaging without sound

Your product video is muted by default. Your selling propositions and functionality of your product should be communicated effectively without being reliant on sound.

πŸ’Ž Most impactful message

Your video will auto-play. Make us of that by showing your most impactful message in the first 4 seconds to really hook the visitor.

🎯 Don't forget the CTA

Once you convinced a visitor to view your video make sure to use a powerful Call To Action at the end of your video to optimize your conversion.

πŸŽ“ Product Demo Video

A very common approach is a 'How To Use' video by the maker showing the product's key features in action. Keep it between 1 to 5 min. The shorter, the better.

🌟 Product Highlight Video

This one is very attention grabbing. It highlights the product's key benefits and is usually accompanied by fancy animations and an engaging audio track. Keep it under 45 seconds.

73 Examples
🌟 Product Highlight
⏱ < 15s
🌈 Gradient
⏱ ~ 1m
⏱ < 45s
🎡 Background Music
⚫ Darkmode
πŸŽ“ Product Demo
πŸ—£ Voiceover
⏱ 1m – 3m
⏱ ~ 5m
πŸ“ Notion
πŸ‘‹ Using Emojis
πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ Creative
πŸ—£οΈ Personal
🌟 Product Highlight
Video thumbnail
ScreenSpace Mockup Free photo-real 3D mockups from over a dozen popular devices
#3 Product of the day 856 ⬆️
🌟 Product Highlight ⏱ < 15s
Video thumbnail
Contra A new kind of professional network
#1 Product of the day 1744 ⬆️
🌟 Product Highlight 🌈 Gradient ⏱ ~ 1m
Video thumbnail
Kona Build remote team culture in Slack
#4 Product of the day 877 ⬆️
🌟 Product Highlight ⏱ < 45s 🎡 Background Music
Video thumbnail Create beautiful images of your code
#2 Product of the week 1649 ⬆️
⏱ < 45s 🌈 Gradient 🌟 Product Highlight ⚫ Darkmode
Video thumbnail
Minerva Pro A better way to capture and share process online
#2 Product of the day 911 ⬆️
⏱ < 45s animation?
Video thumbnail
ARLOOPA Add digital objects to the real world with AR
#3 Product of the week 1667 ⬆️
🌟 Product Highlight ⏱ ~ 1m
Video thumbnail
HOLD X 2.0 Productivity for humans, not superhumans
#4 Product of the day 362 ⬆️
πŸŽ“ Product Demo πŸ—£ Voiceover ⏱ 1m – 3m
Video thumbnail
Loops Feedback Test design ideas in minutes via 110m+ people
266 ⬆️
⏱ ~ 5m πŸŽ“ Product Demo
Video thumbnail
Kitemaker A fast tool for product collaboration and discussions
408 ⬆️
πŸŽ“ Product Demo ⏱ 1m – 3m πŸ—£ Voiceover
Video thumbnail
Rows beta The spreadsheet where teams work faster
#3 Product of the day 804 ⬆️
🌟 Product Highlight ⏱ ~ 1m
Video thumbnail
Product Fit Measure product/market fit in app with your users.
#5 Product of the day 218 ⬆️
πŸŽ“ Product Demo ⏱ 1m – 3m
Video thumbnail
Mindup Interactive meeting agendas for productive teams
#1 Product of the day 808 ⬆️
🌟 Product Highlight ⏱ ~ 1m
Video thumbnail
Mailoji Emoji email addresses for everyone
#5 Product of the day 447 ⬆️
🌟 Product Highlight ⏱ ~ 1m
Video thumbnail
BlueReceipt Text marketing customers love ❀️
#1 Product of the day 865 ⬆️
πŸŽ“ Product Demo πŸ—£ Voiceover ⏱ 1m – 3m animation?
Video thumbnail
Timestripe Goal-oriented planner
#4 Product of the week 974 ⬆️
🌟 Product Highlight 🎡 Background Music ⏱ ~ 1m
Video thumbnail
toast.log 2.0 Get console errors right on your page (as toasts)
381 ⬆️
⏱ 1m – 3m 🎡 Background Music 🌟 Product Highlight

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